Would a 2008 logic board work for a 2010 mac

would a 2008 logic board work for a 2010 mac

There seems to be a problem lovic the request at this time. Skip to main content. Macbook Pro 17 Motherboard. See All. Apple MacBook Pro 17" A i7 2. MacBook pro A Early Unibody 17" i7 2. All Auction Buy It Now.
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  • Mac Pro Logic Board for sale | eBay
  • Replacement Logic Board for Macbook and Macbook Pro
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    Macbook Pro Logic Board for sale | eBay

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    Mar 22,  · If our educational videos have helped you add revenue to your business, consider a one time donation of $10 that will go towards moving expenses here https:/. Get the best deals on Mac Pro Logic Board when you shop the largest online selection at kwqu.handmadematters.store Free shipping on many items Apple Mac Pro 5,1 Backplane Board (Logic Board) for , $ Apple MAC Pro A Logic Board B $ The MacBook Pro logic board recall involved some MacBook mid between February and December The affected models reportedly have graphics failures as well as unexpected restarts. This program repaired or replaced the mcll/a motherboard. The MacBook Pro logic board recall may not cover your computer.

    Shop by Category. Form Factor see all. Mac Pro. Memory Type see all. Not Specified. USB 3. Ethernet RJ FireWire USB 2. Features see all.

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    On-Board Video Chipset. On-Board Audio. Multi-GPU Support. Appropriate For see all. Just make sure you note all the loguc cable locations and screws lohic etc. The logic board balancing on the aluminum foil legs is pretty wobbly But I was pleasantly surprised this worked :- Makes sense tho, reflowing solder on the surface mount components is a practice they use in industry Question 1 year ago on Step 2.

    Can I get a little instruction on how to clean the logic board and remove the compound? Also need to know how to apply new compound.

    Mac Pro Logic Board for sale | eBay

    I've got a late 15" Macbook pro. Thank you! Answer 1 mwc ago. Just simple rubbing alcohol and a paper towel. Be sure not to leave any paper fibers behind. New compound will go between the cooling rails and chips. Just a pea sized bit. Worked for a late macbook pro with horizontal stripes and crash on boot.

    Replacement Logic Board for Macbook and Macbook Pro

    Great to hear it worked! I have the same computer. Can you tell me how you cleaned the logic board and removed the old thermal compound? Also how you applied the new obard. The thermal paste helps to carry the heat away from the three main computer chips on bosrd lower side of the logic board onto a thermal pipe, which is then cooled by the fans on the right and left side of the logic board.

    You can get this stuff at Radio Shack, or other places that sell electronics hobbyist supplies. You will need to clean off the dried thermal compound that is on the 3 main computer chips on the lower side of the logic board, before you put it in the oven. Before putting the logic board back into the case, you should clean off the dried thermal compound on the 3 rectangular plates located on the heat pipe that runs along the back of the lower inside of case.

    would a 2008 logic board work for a 2010 mac

    You will want to add some fresh thermal paste to these 3 rectangular plates, before you place the logic board back into place. I am totally impressed! I tried this fix tonight on an early MacBook Pro 15" that had died 4 years ago and was sitting in my garage. I had decided to give this beast one last chance before I threw it out, and I am glad that I did. It took a little bit of work to get all of the connectors off the logic board. Then I turned off the oven and opened the door a crack to let it cool down.

    I later put it back into the chassis and reconnected all of the connectors and turned on the power. Now I need to get some thermal paste for the heatsinks on the 3 major computer chips on the lower side, before I screw everything down and close it up. Brilliant solution. Thank you very much!!! I tried it and about halfway through all I could think was what am I doing right now.

    How to Repair the Macbook Pro Logic Board at Home: 4 Steps

    It's a method commonly known as reflow. It actually "repairs" or "re-solders" all the points on your board. It's difficult to do by hand, and there are ways to do it with real tools. There is also a cheap way by stripping your motherboard and sticking it in a common oven. A professional reflow oven, an infrared lamp or a heat gun will do it too. Whatever way you choose, it is extremely important to get to your desired temperature slowly to allow the volatile solvents in the solder paste to outgas.

    For paste solvents to be properly expelled and the assembly to safely reach pre-reflow temperatures, your logic-board must be heated in a consistent, linear manner so you don't crack components because of a too sharp change of temperature. You will have to let it cool down slowly as well.

    Whatever way you're using, keep in mind that it is considered a temporary fix. It usually does not last more than a few months at best. Yes it worked! Its been almost a year now, still working. By Unboxingexperience7 Follow. More by the author:. Add Teacher Note. Clean the logic board remove also the thermal compound. After 7 minutes turn the oven off and open it a bit 8.

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