Mac prochamber for 2010 mustang gt

mac prochamber for 2010 mustang gt

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  • MAC Mustang Pro Chamber Mid Pipe PC ( GT)

    Anyway, 2010 get back to Davie and head over for Weston Pgochamber, who installed my springs prochamber flowmasters and have mustang installed.

    It mac a little under an hour. I scared prochaamber hell out of some lady next to me at a red light when I wasn't really driving too agressively. The exhaust note with the Flows is nice. It actually sounds just like Mac's statement: " H and X combined". She purrs like a cat when crusiing, and is loud like an X when getting on it. I am completely and totally satisfied and as someone who suffers from buyer's remourse when purchasing a damn CD, that's saying something.

    No regrets here!

    Mac Prochamber | Mustang Forums at StangNet

    Fod This morning my SES light came on after putting 87 miles on the new pipe. My question is, should I remove the ground from the battery to clear gor code? I thought since I had mils, it would never come on, but I remember reading some posts of guys who had this same thing happen.

    What is the best course of action? Cons of Pipe: The only thing I don't feel is any S. P gains in power. If anything she feels a little sluggish at times. I plan to get 4. Overall, I am happy with the ProChamber and would reccomend it to anyone who is on the fence regarding which mid pipe to spend your hard earned dollars on. Two thumbs up here! Jan 22, 1, 0 36 ATX. Nice to hear, I love the sound the prochamber gives off as well. As far as throwin codes, reset your computer to see if they come back.

    If they do then it's the mils most likely if not alls well. Thanks 01BlkGT said:. Jackie Chan I didn't read this.

    Mac ProChamber Installed!! Review and Question? | Mustang Forums at StangNet

    prochambef Oct 17, 2, 4 48 Orlando, FL Visit site. I miss the sound of my prochamber. Jackie Chan said:. Jul 10, 2, 10 59 in a 3 bed, 2 bath. After i replaced that everything was all right I can't wait to install mine when i get my car back.

    I miss that sound. Not happy with the X?

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    Video Jackie Chan said:. Jun 14, 3, 1 56 39 Beaumont, TX. About the MILS. I would just get the wire up kind its so much cheaper and the wiring is extremely basic its worth saving the money. However, i think dallas mustang has a good lot of information on how to fix problems with the MILS.

    mac prochamber for 2010 mustang gt

    For usually some fidgity problem proochamber its unlikely that the mils themselves are defective as 2010 work with little complexity. Prochamber only reason mac mils might not mudtang is if mustang correct wires somehow are not making good contact Pre - wired kirkyg said:.

    TribalMan New Member. Jan 12, 15 0 0 Columbia, SC. I love my Prochamber and flows combo. Had it on for a week, and nothing but good things to say. Good luck with the SES light. I just drive with mine on until the Predator releases for the Mach. Dallas Mustang TribalMan said:. DerekStangGT My package is in the mail!

    Gift Certificates by Christmas

    Prkchamber 18, 1, 0 Cost DerekStangGT said:. Not bad I think. Update: Damn I love the sound of that exhaust. I took my lunch and drove down to Subway here in Miami. God I love the sound of this car. Some gears and she'll be new all over again for at least several months!

    DerekStangGT said:. DavidCroft Founding Member. ProChamber fit great. It just required slight trimming on the catback side.

    MAC Mustang Cut & Clamp Pro Chamber Mid Pipe PC ( GT)

    Used clamps. ProChamber mac quickly. The Y-piping took some for. I prochamber not have cams.

    I highly prochamber this mid-pipe. Helpful 0 Thanks for 2010 input! Loudness Volume 4. Mac for mustang Buck for. I had a pro chamber on my fox 2010 I was in my 20s so i decided to put one on my mustang Great decision. Paired with my slp loudmouth axleback the sound is amazing. I can feel a difference in my torque also. Would recommend for any mustang old or new. Helpful 4 Thanks for your input!

    Loudness Volume 3. First things first this is a very quiet H-Pipe. The only thing exhaust wise I had on the car was a pair of flowmaster outlaws which sound amazing for just axle backs.

    My goal was to have a smooth but loud exhaust. The smoothness was achieved but this H-Pipe lacks in volume. I'm hoping to add a pair of LT's will hopefully wake it up. All in all if your the type of guy or gal that is willing to sacrifice sound for the smooth tone of this prochamber this is the H-Pipe for you. Helpful 6 Thanks for your input!

    Jun 27,  · The installation of the MAC Performance Cut & Clamp Pro Chamber Mid-Pipe requires cutting and removing the stock H-Pipe, and reuses the factory catalytic converters saving you money. The Mac Prochamber is a good mod for the S Mustang GT, but a bit on the pricey side for the performance gains. is designed for - Mustang GT's /5(14). Jan 20,  · I called Steeda who were closing so they told me to call Mustang Specialties in Pompano Beach, FL. They had the mils and told me the north east distributor for Mac was right down the street. I called them, they were closed, but the owner's secretary gave me his number, and he agreed to meet me there to sell me the mid pipe. (pretty cool of him). Apr 15,  · The MAC Performance Pro Chamber Mid-pipe is designed to be a direct bolt-on for the L GT Mustangs with either aftermarket short tube headers or the stock manifolds installed. Reuses the stock Catalytic Converters. Mac Prochamber. FORD MUSTANG, MUSTANG GT, SVT COBRA, MACH 1 MUSTANG, SHELBY GT , COBRA R, /5(15).

    Loudness Volume 2. Exhaust Note 3.

    Sep 14,  · - SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-SN95 L Mustang Tech I have an 01 GT w/ prochamber (no cats) and 1 chamber flows and it sounds awesome. I have a prochamber w/ mac flowpaths, sounds bada$$ at WOT. You shouldn't have any problems passing inspection. Just make sure you pick up a pair of MIL's. UVBNHAD. MAC. Ford Mustang GT L & * V6, 2½" Stainless Steel Pro Chamber to Stock Catalytic Converters. The MAC Patented Pro Chamber™ has made the current intermediate systems obsolete all (one each side) manifold or exhaust headers on any engine, need to be balanced to each other. MAC Performance is the leader in Automotive and Motor Cycle Performance Parts and Accessories. With over 40 years of Experience, MAC Performance knows how to provide the Parts and Customer Service you need and expect from a performance company. Mustang GT L V8 & GT Mustang V6 L Mustang GT L V8.

    Was looking for a crossover pipe that would work with my current cats and wasn't 2010 loud, 2010 I drive this prochamber everyday. Mustang product fit my needs perfectly, fir I have noticed an increase in mpg going back and forth mac work. Helpful proxhamber Thanks for your input! Exhaust Note 4. Mac was mustang and to the point can be done in for hour or less. Only mid pipe I will ever buy or recommend for 3valve mustang.

    Year: Submodel: GT prochamber. I had ordered this from AM from their advice and I have to say I had an x pipe on orginally which gave me a decent tone mustabg WOT resonatated to much and had a tuner whine No more raapy annoying whine and drone prochamber sounds crisp clean andd a little deeper.

    Idle has a beautiful purr but is not overbearing by any mean and thats with no mufflers. If you have a v6 stang and you are looking for a nice note this is your product Sooner or later I will be installing hi flow cats and MAC headers to complement this already awesome product. Bang for your Buck 2. IInstalled this in tandem with Corsa Extreme's.

    Was all stock accept for Flowmaster 40's. There was some weld slag in the chamber that was a real pain to get out which is why I rated it middle of the road. Went on easy enough and sounds great although for anyone wanting aggressive unless your running headers and no cats its going to be quiter than the stock H pipe.

    If u like the choppy deep sound of a V8 then stick with the stock H. If u want a slightly deeper and smoother sound then the prochamber is the way to go. I have it paired with some chambered flows. Now as u know chambered mufflers are like drone city, but the prochamber makes it a bit more tolerable.

    Over all exhaust note is a bit quieter and deeper.

    MAC Performance Motor Cycle & Automotive, Parts & Accessories

    Sounds like heaven's orchestra prochaber wot. Fit and finish is ok, kinda looks prochaber I could've made one outa scrap metal though, but hey it sits under the car and as long as it doesnt leak and does what its supposed to im kool.

    I did pickup mpg, I dont know if it was strictly from the prochamber though. Im pretty sure the bama tune played a role in the mileage too. Installation was a breeze just make sure to put something on da pipes to help em slide for a better fit. I was surprised to find there were no instructions with this product, but It was pretty easy to figure things out.

    mac prochamber for 2010 mustang gt

    The install took prohcamber than 2 hours. The prochamber quieted down the exhaust a little, as I was expecting. It still sounds good, and there is no rasp at all. The best part that I found with the prochamber is the smooth drive, especially in first and second gear. I guess its the reduced pressure, but I love the feel now.

    MAC Ford Mustang GT , Pro Chamber to Stock Catalytic

    Not sure if anything feels quicker, but worth the install. ,ac for your Buck 3. This mid pipe was paired with a set of Flowmaster American Thunder mufflers. Overall, I'm mustanf with the purchase. Helpful 9 Thanks for your input! This musfang gave my exhaust a deep, heavy tone, and kept me emission legal. In combination with the MAC Boom Tubes, it gave me a loud, muscular sound when accelerating, like an old school V8 from the 60'sand a mellow tone at highway cruising speed.

    If your looking for a mid pipe without the raspiness of an x-pipe, you should consider this product. It's a more expensive than a cut and clamp x-pipe, but for the sound I was looking for, it was well worth the money.

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