Mac pro 2010 reboots for no reason

mac pro 2010 reboots for no reason

My MacBook pro just restart randomly. Rebootz did some research about kernal panics but I did everything even reinstalling the os. I'm not sure if the problem would be a bad board or memory causing it to restart. I check the hard drive. No problem there. I tried doing the starting up with the D key but that doesn't work at all unless I press option and the Internet check does not work fory year computer.
  • SOLVED: MacBook Pro Restarts randomly - MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Mid - iFixit
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  • One of the decoupling capacitors on this voltage rail is a poly-tanalum capacitor, which isn't very reliable when subjected to many heat cycles. This results in the frame buffer voltage rail dropping in voltage every once in a while. If the GPU's voltage drops along this voltage rail, it stops working, resulting in the kernel panic, and sudden restart.

    mac pro 2010 reboots for no reason

    You can either get a new motherboard and install it, or you can get the board repair and pay less. This isn't an easily diagnosable issue rebootw, due to it's rebolts and the fact that most people think the "GPU" is at fault. One thing to note though, is that "reflowing" the graphics chip with heat which is a "repair" that many places do will temporarily keep the issue from happening, but is not a proper fix as the issue will conveniently come back again after your warrantee expires.

    If you do go the board repair route, make sure that they know what they're doing. If you're feeling ambitious and are comfortable with rework and soldering equipment, you can replace this capacitor and see if the problem goes away. The capacitor in question is C, which fails due to the same reason as C on models. Replace this and it should resolve your issue.

    SOLVED: MacBook Pro Restarts randomly - MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Mid - iFixit

    Hi Jared, I have the same problem - but it occurs mostly while working in Logic Reboots My MacBook 6,2 runs beautifully, reason. Anyway, thanks so much to Sam Freeman and Reece mac pointing to a solution, finally!! I hope to hear pro a successful 2010 I have never for performed this repair. I had a 15" 2. It has been running Furmark for over 5 hours with no issues!

    Nice one Sam : Just did another one of these a couple of days ago, where the customer was told it was a GPU issue. Unfortunately it is a very common issue This is a known problem from Apple.

    I made a program to fix this issue. Show 4 more comments. Google Mail. My MacBook Pro 15" had the same problem, and would constantly shut down intermittently. I found a local computer repair centre and replaced the capacitor C which needs to be replaced with another uF capacitor. Worth Robbins macounwr.

    Oct 20,  · So a few weeks ago my inch Retina MacBook Pro started shutting down on its own. While on battery power (an nowhere near a charger) the device simply went to sleep. With every new version of Mac OS, Apple developers do their best to fix all of your software problems, some of which might have not played along well with your hardware. MacBook Pro Mid Shuts down and restarts randomly while plugged in Need some assistance with my Macbook Pro 15'' Mid The computer has a nasty habit that has developed out of the blue where it shuts down and restarts whether it is running off of power supply or battery supply. Mar 26,  · Question: Q: Macbook Pro reboots itself. Hi, I have a Macbook Pro, which was running without any problems for the past year. I've unticked it now and my Mac is no longer rebooting itself. Hope it works for you too! Macbook Pro late model Intel i5 GHz. And it's been happening to a few others in the office. More Less.

    Varu Dor. I also have the same problem. Hany hanyafifi. Download an older version of gfxCardStatus which has the opetion to stay on intel only Graphics chip.

    Macbook Pro reboots itself - Apple Community

    Back Pro Index. Jared jthzp9 Rep: rebootd 5 1. Need some assistance with my Macbook Pro 15'' Reboots Here's the crash Report: 2010 Report Some of the information above for the. I'm mac with the logic board issues. Pto help would be much reason Fof you for your time and help in advance! Sorry this post was so convoluted.

    View the answer I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers. Is this a good question? Yes No. Voted Undo. Score 4. Chosen Solution. Guys, What I have done is more of a bandage than a true fix of the issue but after researching the subject, this was the best solution to keep my computer running for as long as possible without doing any major surgery to the motherboard and graphics card. Was this answer helpful? Score 3. How did you get yours to turn back on though? Most Helpful Answer.

    Sam Freeman Rep: 1. 2010 Jared, this is sadly a common problem with A 15" MacBook Pros from - I have an exact same MacBook Pro reboots the exact same pro : Anyway, the for is most likely caused by a faulty capacitor on the motherboard. Score Google Mail Rep: 25 1. I reason bought a MacBook Pro 15' mac a pawnshop and said no password.

    I had 2 before and never had any problems. Mar 26, PM. Mar 26, PM in response to jmc In response to jmc Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: taticolonia taticolonia. I was new to Mac and since it ran smoothly, I do not have any experiences with troubleshooting Just recently my Macbook reboots itself.

    I have no idea why and I do not know where to dig deeper. I didn't install anything lately and I didn't do any changes to the system. The only thing I did was deleting a user on my system, who I added for testing something. I have never used that user only logged in once. I am not sure if this is related to the fact that the MBP now reboots itself. I already ran the repairing rights option and volume check. This didn't fix the problem.

    I pushed the three buttons and the power button, the system started, but no message appeared I cannot tell what happens when the reboot takes place, because it reboots when the MBP is left alone.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance. More Less. For me the box "Logout after XX minutes of inactivity" was ticked; I've unticked it now and my Mac is no longer rebooting itself. Hope it works for you too! The strange part is that I had this ticked from the very beginning and didn't have this problem until very recently. I suppose the software update had an effect on this feature?

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    View pro in 2010. All rebiots Drop Down menu. Loading page content. User reason for user: Mav DaddyPaycheck.

    Feb 12, PM mac response to reboots In response to taticolonia What for is the battery in? Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. User profile for user: ml ml Feb 21, AM in response to taticolonia In response to taticolonia this is happening to me too, all of a sudden. It resets to the default blue screen and loads OSX with no apps open as if nothing ever happened. User profile for user: juddster juddster. Mar 11, AM in response to taticolonia In response to taticolonia Same here.

    Worked without a hitch until recently. I tend to decline software updates for mac long time until once in a while I reboots all pro. I think these spontaneous restarts began after my recent batch upgrade reason OS 2010 profile for for sphereboy sphereboy. Mar 11, PM in response to taticolonia In response to taticolonia Wanted to add a "Me too" on this thread. Macbook Pro late model Intel i5 2. And it's been happening to a few others in the office.

    Mar 13, AM in response to taticolonia In response to taticolonia I saw a solution in another thread that suggested checking your Security settings in the System Preferences. Mar 13, AM in response to taticolonia In response to taticolonia On my machine that option was not checked I mean log out after x minutes.

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