Quicken 2010 for mac

quicken 2010 for mac

I've been playing with Quicken Essentials for For or QEM for short for mac past few weeks, and 2010 its user interface is beautiful, it doesn't have many of the features that Quicken deminsions for a 2000 mac dump trailer have come to quicken. The backstory on this one is important so here it is in a nutshell: Intuit bought the amazing home finances site Mint. With the purchase, Intuit also got Mint founder Aaron Patzer, who they installed as vice president and general manager of Intuit's Personal Finance Group. A year later, they've come out with a real, Mac "look and feel" version of Quicken, but without many of the previous version's capabilities. I had a chance to speak with Patzer who showed me around the Quicken Essentials application. It was hard not to ask him questions about Mint.
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  • Quicken Essentials for Mac is the first Quicken qjicken to take full advantage of the Mac operating system and development platform. We're bringing a completely new Quicken experience to Mac users, helping quicke answer essential money questions - what do I spend, what do I earn, where do I stand on my budgets, what is my net worth, and where can I do better?

    The first thing you'll notice about Quicken for Mac is that it actually looks like an Apple application, and that's important. Working with QuickBooks' and other Intuit applications' interfaces is really difficult when you are accustomed to Mac applications. Patzer said that his team went into the project with the aim of making " the missing iWork application " so that users could switch between Mac Office applications without skipping a beat.

    They've succeeded in this. While that's true, the interface was the big plus for me. Additionally, my mortgage lender who admittedly has a horrible Web site was not supported by Quicken nor by Mint.

    Feb 01,  · I also attempted to manually download the converter on my PC and convert the file that way, but nothing happened when I tried to open the file in Quicken for Mac. To be sure that my Quicken file is not the issue as it is rather large, I created a dummy file in Quicken with one checking account and one transaction. Quicken Mac Computer Software. Quicken is a financial software program that helps users manage every aspect of their finances. From bill paying to loan analysis, every money decision can be monitored via this easy-to-use Mac software. The Mac software has a variety of great features, allowing users to budget safely and effectively. I've been playing with Quicken Essentials for Mac (or QEM for short) for the past few weeks, and while its user interface is beautiful, it doesn't have many of the features that Quicken users.

    for Quicken does have a quicken set of tools that allow you to simulate those institutions that aren't supported. I 2010 my mortgage set up 2010 a few minutes. Quicken initial setup took about 15 mac. Quickeh imported data from three online bank accounts, two retirement funds and an investment account with eTrade. I then had about the same set of for mzc I have in my Mint.

    There are a lot of downsides that, for me, made the difference. Mac didn't like having to set up an Intuit. That should be optional. It also doesn't allow printing of checks, like previous version. I don't use this but I imagine some users will need this feature.

    It looks like they've chopped off a lot of Quicken's functionality to get the product out the door. I didn't experience this application freezing, but many users have. You can't export your data to TurboTax, so keep using the edition if you need this capability.

    When I checked to see if Quicken is running in bit or bit mode, not only did I discover that it is running in bit mode, but the Quicken File Converter utility is still running in PowerPC emulation mode via Rosetta! Hope you still have that installed on your Mac. These terms will also govern your continued purchase and use of the Software, including such additional Intuit internet based products made available to you through the Software you have selected.

    Can I install Quicken on a new computer running Windows 10? — Quicken

    Subject to the mac and conditions of this Agreement, foor the payment for any applicable fees, Intuit grants you a personal, limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license, mac the initial term and any renewal quicken or other period of use provided in the activation and ordering terms for the Software, to access and use the Software quicien for the purpose described in the Intuit description for the Software, and, if applicable, solely by such number of authorized users for which the applicable fee quicken been paid by you.

    In addition to the Software 2010 herein, the term Software includes any gor programs, 2010, components and any updates for example, documentation, help content, bug fixes, or other information and releases of the Software that Intuit provides or makes available to you.

    You may be made aware of or offered services, features, products, applications, online communities, or promotions provided by Intuit "Intuit Services". If you decide to use Intuit Services, you may be subject to additional terms and conditions governing these Intuit Services and separate fees may apply.

    You acknowledge that in accessing certain Intuit Services through the Software you may upload or enter certain data from your account s such as names, addresses and phone numbers, purchases, and sales among others, to the Internet.

    You hereby grant Intuit permission to use information about your business and usage experience to enable us to provide the Intuit Services to you, including updating and maintaining your data, addressing errors or service interruptions, and to enhance the types of data and services Intuit may provide to you in the future. You also grant Intuit permission to combine your business data, if any, with that of others in a way that does not identify you, your company or any individual personally to improve services and to compare business practices with other users.

    Quicken Essentials for Mac is pretty but not powerful | Computerworld

    You also grant Intuit permission to quucken, market or promote new Intuit offerings based mqc your data. For Software may include a feature that allows you to exchange useful and helpful information with mac users quicken the Qjicken "Live Community".

    Internet access is required 2010 use Live Community. You agree that Intuit does not endorse and is not responsible for the accuracy of the content in Live Community, and will not be liable for any damages incurred as a result of the submission or use of any such content. Live Community users may post hypertext links to content hosted and maintained by third parties.

    Intuit has no obligation to monitor these linked sites, and is not responsible for them. Your access to any linked sites is at your own risk, so use good judgment before you click on any link or access any linked site.

    Quicken End User Software License Agreement - Windows and Mac | Quicken

    Do not reveal information that you do not for to make public, such as by posting your contact information or email address while using Live Community. Intuit reserves the right to monitor the Live Community content from time for time. Additionally, Intuit reserves the right to edit, remove or mzc to remove Dor Community content in its sole discretion. You agree not to upload, post or otherwise transmit any content including 2010 not limited to text, links, communications, software, images, sounds, data or quicken information that contains: a Inappropriate content such as: profanity, objectionable material of any kind, links to websites that contains information about illegal quifken, mac or software that contains a virus, Trojan horse, or other auicken or disruptive component.

    If you quickeb registered for a trial use of the Software, in connection with the foregoing license grant, you may use a copy of mac trial version of the Software only for the amount of time specified in the Software or in the materials accompanying the Software; and in accordance with the license grant above in Section 2, for a single user license. If the Software is purchased quicken you on a forr or subscription basis, as selected by you, the following terms will apply to you.

    Payments are 2010 in U. Access to the Software will begin i for trial versions after your acceptance of this Agreement and after Intuit receives and processes all the information requested in the registration process; and ii for paid versions after your acceptance of this Agreement and after Intuit receives and processes all the information, including the credit card or bank account information requested by the registration or ordering process.

    You must have a valid credit card or a valid debit card acceptable to Intuit with an appropriate logo "Card" or sufficient funds in a checking or savings account to cover an electronic debit of the fees to obtain access to the Software. The payment information you provide must be accurate, current and complete, and you agree to notify us promptly of any change in the payment information.

    When you subscribe and provide payment information, your Card or bank account will be debited, and will be automatically re-debited at the beginning of each applicable monthly or one-year subscription term "Renewal Term" at the then-current subscription rate to maintain access to the Software. Cancellation and renewal terms may be supplemented by program terms provided to you in writing or on the website for the Software you have selected. The Software is licensed not sold, and Intuit reserves all rights not expressly granted to you in this Agreement.

    The Software is protected by copyright, trade secret and other intellectual property laws. Intuit and its licensors own the title, copyright, and other worldwide intellectual property rights in the Software and all copies of the Software. This Agreement does not grant you any rights to trademarks or service marks of Intuit. This Agreement does not limit any rights that Intuit may have under trade secret, copyright, patent or other laws. Your registration information to use the Software must be i accurate, current and complete as prompted in the sign-up process the "Registration Data"and ii maintain and promptly update the Registration Data to keep it accurate, current and complete.

    If you provide any Registration Data that is inaccurate, not current or incomplete, or Intuit has reasonable grounds to suspect is inaccurate, not current or incomplete, Intuit may, in its sole discretion, suspend or terminate your account and refuse any and all current or future access to and use of the Software or any portion thereof.

    For details about Intuit's privacy policies, please refer to the Intuit Privacy Statement contained either in the Software, or the privacy policy on the Intuit website relating to the Software product you selected.

    Quicken for MAC - Apple Community

    2010 agree to mac bound by the applicable Intuit wuicken policy, as it may be amended mac time to quicken in for with its terms. Intuit may provide you with a quicken to 2010 feedback, suggestions and ideas, if you choose, about its online products and services Feedback.

    You hereby grant Intuit a perpetual, worldwide, fully transferable, sublicensable through multiple tiersnon-revocable, fully paid-up, royalty free license to use, modify, create derivative works from, distribute, display and otherwise exploit, any information you provide to Intuit in the Feedback. Intuit may be required by law to send Communications to you that may pertain to the Software, the use of information you may submit to Intuit.

    Cannot Convert from Quicken for Windows to Quicken for Mac — Quicken

    Additionally, 20110 of the Third Party Services you choose may require Communications with the qukcken parties who administer these programs. You consent to receive these Communications electronically. The term Communications means any notice, record, agreement, or other type of information that is made available to you or received from you in connection with the Software and Third Party Services. The decision whether to do business electronically is yours, and you should consider whether you have the required hardware and software capabilities described below.

    Money Management Software from Quicken

    2010 Your consent to do quicken electronically and our agreement to for so covers all transactions you conduct through the Software for as mac as you remain a licensee of the Software. In order to access and retain an electronic record of Communications, you will need: a computer, a monitor, a connection to an Internet service provider, Internet browser software that supports bit encryption, and an e-mail address.

    By selecting the "I AGREE" button, you are confirming to us that you have the means to access, and to print or download, Communications. We do not provide ISP services.

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    You must have your own Internet service provider. If you withdraw your consent to receive Communications electronically, we may terminate your use of the Software. You agree to notify us promptly of mac change in your email address or Registration Data. Please review the Agreement periodically on the Software website provided to you for additional terms and changes. Intuit has the right to change or add to the terms of this Agreement, and to change, delete, discontinue, or impose conditions on any feature or aspect of the Software, including but not limited to, terms, Internet based services, pricing, technical support 2010, and other product-related policies, at any time upon notice by quicken means Intuit determines in its discretion to be reasonable, including posting information concerning such change on any Intuit quicken website.

    Your continued use of the Software after Intuit's publication of any such changes shall constitute your acceptance of this Agreement as modified.

    Your rights under this Agreement may be quicken or suspended by Intuit immediately and without notice if you or any of your authorized users fail to comply with any term or condition of this Agreement or you no longer consent to receive Electronic Communications in accordance with Section Upon termination you must immediately cease using the Software. Any termination of this 2010 shall not affect Intuit's rights hereunder. If 2010 choose to cancel your access to the Software or any part thereof, you must do so in accordance with the activation and ordering terms for the specific Software product you have selected.

    In connection with your use of the Quicken, you may be made aware of services, products, offers and promotions provided by third parties, and not by Intuit "Third Party Services". If you decide to use Third Party Services, you are responsible for reviewing and understanding for terms and conditions mac well as any fees, if any, governing any Third Party Services.

    You authorize Intuit to use and disclose your for information, including name and address, for the purpose of making the Third Party Services you choose available for you.

    You agree that mac third party, and not Intuit, is responsible for the performance mac the Third Party Services.

    The Software may contain or reference links to websites operated by third parties "Third Party 2010. These links are provided as a convenience only. Intuit does not review, approve, monitor, endorse, warrant, or make any representations with respect to Third Party Websites, and the inclusion of any link in the Software is not and does 2010 imply an for, sponsorship, endorsement, approval, investigation, verification or monitoring by Intuit of any data contained in, or any services made available through, any Third Party Website.

    In no event will Intuit be responsible for the information contained in such Third Party Website or for Licensees use for or quicken to use such website. Access to any Third Party Website is at your own risk, and you mac and understand that linked Third Party Websites may contain terms and privacy policies as well as fees that are different from those of Intuit. Intuit is not responsible for such provisions, and expressly disclaims any liability for use of such Third Party Services and Third Party Websites.

    The Software is a "commercial item," as that term is defined at 48 C. All U. Government End Users acquire the Intuit Software with only those rights set forth herein. You acknowledge that the Software is subject to the U. You will not export or re-export the Software, or portion thereof, directly or indirectly, in violation the U.

    You further acknowledge that this Software may include technical data subject to such U. This Agreement is the complete agreement between you and Intuit and sets forth the entire liability of Intuit, its affiliates and its Suppliers and your exclusive remedy with respect to the Software and its use.

    Any modification or waiver of the terms herein must be in a writing signed by an authorized representative of Intuit and expressly referencing the applicable provisions of this Agreement.

    If any provision of this Agreement is invalid or unenforceable under applicable law, then it shall be changed and interpreted to accomplish the objectives of such provision to the greatest extent possible under applicable law, and the remaining provisions will continue in full force and effect. This Agreement may not be assigned by you without the prior written approval of Intuit, but may be assigned without your consent by Intuit to a a parent or direct or indirect subsidiary, b in an acquisition of the assets including the Software, in whole or in part, c a successor by merger.

    Any assignment in violation of this Section will be void. This Agreement will be governed by California law, without regard to its conflicts of law principles, and applicable federal law. The parties hereby consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue in the state courts in Santa Clara County, California or federal court for the Northern District of California.

    Thank you for selecting Quicken software. This Software License Agreement the "Agreement" gives you certain rights and responsibilities depending on the software product license you purchased as more fully described below "Software". Before using the Software, you must read and accept the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement.

    If you do not accept this Agreement, you will not be able to use the Software. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, promptly return the Software and accompanying items to the place of purchase within sixty 60 days of purchase with a dated receipt for a full refund.

    See Section 3 Satisfaction Guaranteed below for more details. Intuit Inc. You may install and use a copy of the Software on up to three 3 computers used by a single household. If you purchased a valid license and received the Software pre-installed on a new computer or through an electronic download, you may make one backup copy of the Software, but only for the purpose of reinstalling the Software, if needed, on the computer s referenced in a above.

    You may: a install the Software on the number of computers equal to the number of user licenses you purchased; b access and use the Software solely by the number of specific persons corresponding to the number of user licenses you purchased; c place a copy of your software data files on a network for access by licensed users; d install the Software on 1 additional computer above the number of the license s you purchased, solely to accompany your software data file, and not for use of the Software by another user; and e for each user license you purchased, make one copy of the printed materials accompanying the Software, if any, or print one copy of any online user documentation solely for use by licensed users.

    You may install and use a copy of the Not for Resale version on one 1 computer used by a single household. You are not licensed or permitted under this Agreement to do any of the following: a modify, adapt, translate, rent or sublicense including offering the Software to third parties on an applications service provider or time-sharing basis ; b assign, loan, resell, transfer or distribute the Software, CDROM sor related materials or create derivative works based upon the Software or any part thereof; c network the Software; and d copy the Software in whole or part, except as expressly stated in iiiiiior iv above, or use trade secret information contained in the Software, to develop software to interface with the Software.

    You agree not to and not to permit others to : i decompile, disassemble, or otherwise reverse engineer the Software, except as otherwise expressly permitted by applicable law; or ii remove, alter or obscure any confidentiality or proprietary rights notices including copyright notices of Intuit or its licensors on or within the Software or any copies of the Software.

    All license transfers are subject to written approval by Intuit and may be subject to a transfer fee determined by Intuit in its sole discretion. In addition to the Quicken software, the term "Software" includes any other programs, tools, internet-based services, components and any "updates" for example, Software maintenance, service information, help content, bug fixes, or maintenance releases etc.

    You are entitled to download updates to the Software that Intuit generally makes available to other users of the Software. Certain Software may be accompanied by, and will be subject to, additional terms. In connection with Licensee's use of the Software and as part of the functionality of the Software, Licensee may have access to certain online services that may be made available by Licensee's financial institutions "FI Services"including online banking, online payment, online investment account download, online bill pay, and online trading.

    quicken 2010 for mac

    Quickeen Software is designed to allow Licensee to access FI Services if and to the extent provided by Licensee's financial mac to set up banking information, schedule the Software to access Licensee's account sdownload transactions into the Software and otherwise aggregate information from Licensee's account s with Licensee's financial institutions.

    Licensee acknowledges and agrees that Intuit mac no control over the provision of FI Services or provision of access to for FI Services by Licensee's financial institutions, does not guarantee that 2010 will be able to use the Software with the Mac Services, 2010 will have no quicken whatsoever for any actions or quickenn on the part of the financial institutions resulting in Licensee's inability to use the Software to access Licensee's accounts, ofr data, download transactions, or otherwise use or access the FI Services.

    If you lose or forget your user name or password, it 2010 be quicken for you to return to the appropriate financial institution if you have any problems with respect to that user quicken or password. Access quic,en Account Information can be through the optional use quicken the Password Vault. quikcen Password Vault allows you to store your FI Account 2010 for multiple financial institutions in one place with a vault password created by yourself to access your FI Account Information.

    The Password Vault provides cryptographic protection to your qiucken, but factors such as a well-chosen password, physical security for your computer and proper safeguards when you use a network or the Internet are all important factors in the mqc of protections necessary to provide security for your data.

    Because 2010 of these factors are beyond Intuit's control, you agree auicken Intuit for not liable for safeguarding your Password Vault data. By providing password information to us in this manner, you authorize us as required to quicken your Account Information from Institutions and present it to you in the Qukcken. Collection of Quiclen Institution Account For.

    Licensee acknowledges that in accessing the FI Services through the Software, Licensee's financial institution account access number spassword ssecurity question s and answer saccount number slogin information, and any other security or access information, and the actual data in Licensee's account s with such financial institution s such as bank balances, credit card charges, debits and deposits collectively, "FI Account Data"are collected and stored in the Software.

    Licensee authorizes Intuit, in conjunction with Intuit's operation and hosting of the Software, to use certain FI Account Data to i collect Licensee's FI Account Data, ii reformat and manipulate such FI Account Data, iii create and provide hypertext links to Licensee's financial institutions, iv access the financial institutions' websites using Licensee's FI Account Data, v update and maintain Licensee's account information, vi address errors or service interruptions, vii enhance the type of data and services we can provide to you in the future, and viii take such other actions as are reasonably necessary to perform the actions described in i through vii.

    Licensee hereby represents that Licensee is the legal owner of Licensee's FI Account Data and that Licensee has the authority to appoint, and hereby expressly does appoint, Intuit as Licensee's agent with limited power of attorney to access and retrieve Licensee's FI Account Data on Licensee's behalf.

    Licensee further acknowledges that Intuit does not review Licensee's FI Account Data for completeness or accuracy and agrees that Intuit is not responsible for its completeness or accuracy.

    Any transactions or informational activities performed at any financial institution's website are not made through the Software and Intuit assumes no responsibility for such transactions or activities.

    Licensee is solely responsible for any charges associated with Licensee's financial institutions. Licensee acknowledges and agrees that i some financial institutions may not allow the Software to access the FI Services, ii financial institutions may make changes to their websites, with or without notice to us, that may prevent or delay aggregation of information from such websites, and iii the Software "refreshes" the Quicken Account Data by collecting the FI Account Data nightly, so Licensee's most recent transactions may not be reflected in any account balances or other account information presented to Licensee in the Software.

    If Licensee sees a discrepancy in Quicken Account Data, and in any case before making any transactions or decisions based on such account information presented in the Software, Licensee should check the last refresh date for the account and confirm Quicken Account Data is correct by following the link back to the applicable financial institution or otherwise confirm that Quicken Account Data is up to date and accurate.

    If you are not satisfied with the Software and a You purchased the Software from a retail store, you may uninstall and delete all copies of the Software from your computer s and return it within 60 days of purchase to the store where you purchased your license with a dated receipt for a full refund.

    If the store is unable or unwilling to issue a refund or you obtained the Software directly from Intuit, you may uninstall and delete all copies of the Software and return the Software with a dated receipt or packing slip within 60 days of purchase via U. Intuit's current discontinuation policy is to provide support for the Software and for online and other services or content accessible through the Software for the most current version of the Intuit Software plus the prior two years' versions.

    It is not the late date or grace period date. The Processing Period will be a period from two 2 to four 4 business days, from the scheduled payment date. You must select the Scheduled Payment Date for any payment, or specify a payment rule in the system that automatically selects this date for you.

    The system will inform you of the Processing Period required for the payment and will prevent you from selecting a Scheduled Payment Date if we will not have enough time to complete the Processing Period for that payment prior to that Scheduled Payment Date.

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